Trak Racer TR8 Cockpit with Monitor Stand - Trak Racer

Trak Racer TR8 Cockpit with Monitor Stand

STOCK ARRIVING OCTOBER 8, 2019 - The Sim Rig of Sim Rigs - Strength & Adjustment that Beat the Competition

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Item Number: TR8-01-B

The Trak Racer TR8 is a fully adjustable gaming machine. Featuring a single monitor stand with console shelf and very study rig with adjustable pedal plate, wheel mount and bucket seat. The TR8 is predrilled for all the big name brands in Peripherals

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5 Year Frame Warranty

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Weight 51.8 kg
Dimensions 115 × 68 × 58.5 cm


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Hey there,I want to mount a 49“ monitor and I‘m looking for a solution where the monitor can be stowed (turned) away when not in use, since it takes up a lot of space in a kinda small room.So is the monitor stand of the TR8 able to be turned left or right?Regards

Question by: Martin Lonien on 10 Jul 2019 01:05:06 pm

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Hi Martin, I guess we already answered this :-) - The Monitorholder is turnable, around its own axis.

Hi,When do you think the TR8 will be available again?Also, what are the prices of the accessories like the TR-TSH2, TR-FS01 and the TR-HBSM-RL?

Question by: Maarten van Oosterhout on 10 Jul 2019 01:03:29 pm

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Hi Maarten! - TR8 will be available in August, but very limited amount! PREORDER can be the solution for you to be sure - Accessories & pricing is available at our shop :-)


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