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Trak Racer, Australia March 5, 2018


Overview Since 2009 Trak Racer have been manufacturing great value and well-designed products for the sim racing industry. Matt Sten, Trak Racer founder, designed the first simulator as a response to finding only low-end and overpriced simulators when shopping for personal use. Questions and Answers How long have you been in business? Matt Sten started Trak Racer in 2009. Why did you get started in this? Matt first thought about the concept for Trak Racer after browsing eBay and Amazon and seeing what I thought were below average and overpriced simulators. Matt and his engineer father set out to design and offer a better product for a competitive price. The first model was the RS8 in stainless steel with the incorporated monitor stand, fixed wheel mount, shifter and fibreglass bucket seat. It’s now gone through a series of updates which included updated seat, new wheel mount and some other changes to improve both function and stability. Are you guys sim racers? When Matt gets time he loves to jump in a rig and spend a few hours on it. In our Australian showroom, we are fortunate enough to have a mix of premium peripherals from SimXperience, Heusinkveld, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, Logitech, Ricmotech and more. What’s upcoming/new on the horizon for TR? 2018 will be a big year for Trak Racer with 3 new cockpits to launch ranging from the most feature packed and strongest folding wheel stand on the market, premium high-end sim and something to be left as a surprise. We will also launch an actuator-driven motion platform with 250mm per second speed with 140mm stroke. Stay tuned. What countries is Trak Racer cockpits sold? Trak Racer is currently sold in United States, Germany, Canada, United Kingdom, South Korea, Norway, China, Hong Kong and Australia – with global shipping. Our target is to appoint distributors in 10 new countries this year to meet a growing demand for our products.
Trak Racer RS8– A Revolutionary Gaming Cockpit, compact and stylish. Fully adjustable.
Trak Racer RS6– An entry-level cockpit with full adjustability and race seat.
Trak Racer FS3– A compact and rigid wheel stand with great value and incredible adjustability.
Trak Racer Monitor Stands – Universal fit, floor mounted monitor stands capable of holding up to an 80” TV as a single stand or 22-45” TV/Monitor when used as for Three-Four Monitors.

To find more information about Trak Racer please browse our website and contact us with any additional questions relating to products, our brand and vision, becoming a reseller, gaining sponsorship, earning money through our affiliate program and so on. Media Contact For additional information, images, and samples please contact us below. Matt Sten | Founder | Trak Racer || +1(646) 844 6361